Sunday, April 22, 2012

In today's news...

Lot's of goatie goings on here... Patty had her kids. A tiny black buckling and a doeling that was almost identical to Patty's doeling from last year. The family that purchased them came to visit almost every other day until tragedy struck. For the first time here, we lost a kid to a predator. The babies were about two weeks old when during the night, the doeling disappeared. I'd gone out at 5:30 in the morning to check on Holly who had reached her due date, when I discovered we had one missing. Despite prolonged searching over a period of several days, we found no signs of what happened to her or what got her.

I was so worried that something would happen to the remaining buckling, that I asked the family to go ahead and bring him home along with Patty to keep them safe. I didn't want him living without a buddy, so I've asked them to keep Patty. They were very understanding and aren't holding me to giving Patty to them, but I think it's best. Patty is a Pygmy and I'm headed a different direction with the goats anyway. She'll be very happy with them and their grandchildren.

The following Sunday, April fools day... Holly had HER kids. Two beautiful spotted babies. They look like little dalmations and are male and female, so we named them Pongo and Perdita. Pongo has already been claimed by a family in Knob Noster who have their first little goats this year. Perdita will be staying here.

That's Perdita in the foreground. She came first and wasn't positioned quite right, so mamma needed a little help getting her situated. I'm not sure who was more unhappy about my 'helping out' me, or Holly! Pongo was breach and came about 15 minutes after his sister. Even though he was much larger, he practically fell out! LOL! Both kids were up and nursing in a matter of minutes and have been non stop jumping beans ever since.

They're three weeks old today and have integrated into the herd beautifully. These are my buck's first kids and he's SO gentle with them. He's been giving Pongo sparring lessons and the kids follow him around more than they do their mother.

Mom in the background

Pongo looking for a lesson

Aidan is very careful with him

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