Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tsnownami is here!

Well the weathermen were right on the money. The blizzard has officially arrived. It's white-out conditions and the drifting is just beginning as the wind is picking up. I hear they even closed I-70 between Kansas City and St.Louis. That's something I expect to see happening between KC and Colorado... not here in Missouri.

Holly in her room
The good news is, my hard work paid off and the goaties are all snug in their shed. The jugs aren't finished yet, but I do have one far enough along that Holly can be separated from the rest. She's the queen and can be quite the bully. I still need to put up the plywood and insulation in that one, then it will be done and I can work on finishing up the second one. They're actually pretty comfortable in there with a heat lamp and a heated water bucket.

The ponies however, aren't as opposed to the snow as the goats are. I've got a couple inside in stalls, but the others are outside. Since they didn't get wet before the snow started, they're completely covered but no one looks cold or unhappy. All but one of them has a great winter coat, and that one is wearing a blanket to keep him warm. They're all milling around doing their pony things... not huddled up looking miserable. I can hear the wind growing in intensity though and if it continues, I may have to put everyone in the barn early. They hate being locked up, but I plan to put them all in stalls tonight. It's going to get VERY cold after dark and I'll sleep better knowing they're protected from the wind. Even if they DO act like they've been put in time out!

Fathead and Red
Here you see my Quarter Horse, Fathead... who'll be 24 in April, and Red... a coming 2 year old Quaterpony colt. I've had Fathead since he was a yearling and Red was born here.They're the oldest and youngest in my herd. I watched them for quite a while trying to see any sign of chill, but they're happy as clams out there. Presuming that clams are happy of course!

As for the barn cats, chickens and ducks... they're all sharing my feed shed with a heated water bowl and all the hay they can snuggle down in. The chicken house just wasn't keeping the snow out, so I carried them all to the feed room. I'd rather clean up chicken poo than lose one to the cold!