Thursday, March 8, 2012

The kids are coming!

I spent the weekend preparing the maternity ward for my mamas-to-be. Patty is only about a week and a half from her due date and Holly should be right behind her in line. Besides cleaning, I had repairs to make. Before they went to their new home, my pygmy billies tore the shed up pretty good while they were occupying those stalls. The exterior wall of the two stalls became their target when only one of the two felt like sparring. Sigh... good thing I had some extra lap siding in the barn to replace the damaged wall. The goat shed was built (as a garden shed) by the previous owner and thankfully he was a "waste not, want not" minded person like myself. The extra siding has been in the barn since I moved here ten years ago. I'm SOOO glad I held on to it!

I had a visitor stop by to meet Patty goat the other day. He'd heard through a mutual friend that I had goats and he happens to be looking for a pair of kids to purchase for his grandchildren. He liked Patty and how tiny she is, and put his claim tag on her babies (or baby) before it's even arrived. It's a good feeling to know they have a home waiting for them that's as excited as I am about their arrival.

Patty goat

Do you think Holly wonders if she has to kid with this company?

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