Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying to beat the weather

We have kids on the way... our first to be born here on the farm. I'm excited but nervous for the nannies. We have another winter storm on the way and the weathermen are saying it'll be our worst storm of the season. We could be looking at anywhere from 8-17 inches of snow by Tuesday, depending on who you believe. So... I've been working feverishly to try and get the maternity ward put together before it hits. (It's bad enough trudging out there to do chores in the frozen tundra, much less trying to finish a project in it.) My hope is that I'll get it all done with plenty of time for the girls to get used to a new routine and be stress free when they start having those babies.

The two jugs I'm building will actually be dual purpose. Once the girls are done kidding, the two bucks will take up residence there so we don't have any MORE unplanned pregnancies. Not that we really tried to prevent these. They'll each have their own 'room' with a door to an outside, private pen. Since the space in the goat shed is only 12'x12', I've split it into the three spaces. One half of the square (6'x12') has big double doors that open to the goat yard, the other half has been divided into two 6'x6' stalls. I'm building sliding gates that will function like pocket doors in a house to prevent the billies from butting the gates off their hinges like they've done to the horse stalls in the barn. When the gates are closed, it won't matter which side the boys are butting from, the doors should have plenty of stopping power. Well... I hope so anyway!

I saved scraps from our house remodel project to use in the shed as well. I have squares of plywood that I plan to cut to fit along the walls to eliminate any floor drafts that might eek in through the old lap siding. I also saved scraps of insulation to put behind it for additional protection. 

Once I get the private suits finished, I'll take some pictures to share.

Peter, Patty & Paul when they were babies themselves.
Holly's in the foreground. She should be the first to deliver.